Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peter D. Bogguss

From before I can remember, my father had two best friends. G. Michael Fink and Peter D. Bogguss. And that's what he called them. They went camping with us, were regular dinner guests, and rumor has it they were probably around when I was conceived, although that's a story I have no real desire to hear. When Dad passed away, they were there immediately, stepping into the giant vacuum that suddenly appeared where Dad had been. Mike was battling cancer at the time and was incredibly weak himself but he insisted to be a pallbearer and we knew better than to argue. Pete brought the minister over and reassured her I wasn't usually this harsh on members of the clergy. They have always been like fathers to me because of how integral they've been in my life from even before it began. Peter D left us this morning to join my father after a very brief battle with cancer. He leaves behind a wonderful wife, Julie, and a beautiful little 10 year old boy, Ian.

I imagine right about now, Dad is smacking him on the back and introducing him to all the souls that are happy to see him again.

May you have a peaceful journey into the next life, Peter D. Boggus. I cannot thank you enough for all your gave to us and I will miss you beyond words.


Rachel_Garrison said...

If you can judge a person's character by the company they keep, then I know Peter was a great soul. My thanks to him for being such a good friend to your wonderful dad.

Anonymous said...

Pete was a very good friend for several years; he taught me many great life lessons, too many to list here. I watched Pete weather some difficult storms with great courage.

I hope Pete finds peace now; I wish Julie and Ian strength.


Anna said...

oh kim, im so sorry. praying for you and your wonderful friend's family.