Friday, February 5, 2010

Jack's Birthday Recap

Matilda is running a few days behind the times, but I've finally been able to go through all of the pictures from Jack's First Birthday. Our boy was a big hit at daycare when he showed up on his birthday with a dozen Hot & Nows from Krispy Kreme. Although, I think he was just as popular with the teachers as he was with the students.

I think Jack enjoyed his first experience with Birthday Cake, after a little uncertainty in dealing with the candle (Daddy helped blow it out). All in all, it didn't end up nearly as messy as I expected - I think that was because Jackson is a pro at making sure most of the yummy stuff ends up in (or around) his mouth. Dean patiently waited for his slice.

Unfortunately, we found out the hard way that the little elastic bands on these birthday hats hurt like the dickens when you snap them against your ear.
But except for that little mishap, it was a pretty fine day. Happy Birthday to all, and to all a Good Night!

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