Monday, July 16, 2012

For The Record

This has more or less become our baby book of sorts, as we keep track of the coming and growings of each of three precious young'uns. We've still got the hard copy, what with the locks of hair and the pre-formatted questionnaires. But when we look back over the life we've charted, we keep coming back to this blog, and it really does capture a lot of what we've lived through the last 3 or so years. We need to be blogging more, and have gotten a little off track of late, so here is a post of what everyone is up to, just for the record:

Jack a/k/a Jackson David Shaw a/k/a Baby Captain:

This guy is just getting bigger and older and more incredible by the day. Looking back at videos tonight from 2010, it is amazing how much he has matured. He has taken on the role of big brother (for both Caroline and Sam) with a seriousness that belies his tender-hearted nature. Right now, he is 100% into imaginary play, dreaming up elaborate scenarios at every turn, mostly involving friends from school, alligators, sharks, lava, and his Carolina Blue office that he painted in "35 minutes, front and back,"
 where he likes to go work to "make money" and/or "get ice cream."

He is still snuggly and affectionate, and has latched onto the automatic gratification associated with saying things like "you have beautiful hair today, Mommy" and "I like your pretty eyes!" He also has a little bit of an attitude, but is mainly limited to saying "Fine" and "You're not my best friend anymore." He will also parrot any complete sentence he hears from anyone that might possibly be construed as clever, funny, or naughty.

Caroline a/k/a Princess a/k/a Sissy:

This little girl has become the most affectionate fireball you could imagine, alternating frequently from body-slams to ear-holding two-cheeked Euro-style kisses (which Dean particularly enjoys). Her most recent acquisition is the favorite color of PurplePink (or sometimes (PinkPurple). She also has begun to self-identify as a Princess, and as he language skills have blossomed in the last month or so, her ominous brow ridge and accompanying frown have retreated significantly.

Still, it is clear that curiosity will one day kill the cat (Meeeee-ooowwwww), and Caroline is a archetype of that mantra. If it is hot, wired, submerged, or fanged, Caroline wants to touch it. Hug it. Pinch its ears. So far, the only things that have fazed her are Cows and Flies, both of which she appears to be deathly afraid of. Seriously - one encounter with the guy in the cow costume at Chik-fil-A on Friday, and we have heard no less than 1000 times this weekend: "No cows, afraid of cows. I'm a princess." Even Superman had Kryptonite, I guess.

Samuel a/k/a Baby Sam a/k/a Winston a/k/a Piglet:

A sweeter happier baby was never born. As much as we love the other two (now) this one's manners at 3 months are above reproach. He eats well, sleeps well, smiles sweetly on cue, gurgles and coos with reckless pleasure. Once he starts doing more than just lay there and smile, we'll let you know!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our current favorite phrases (with translations)

"I missed you today, Mommy."
"I need to go to my office that I painted Carolina Blue and work."
"Fine, you're not my best friend anymore."
"Come sit with me, you're my best friend now."

"Whas dat right dehr?" = What is that right there?
"Pink one, Purple one" = My favorite colors are pink and purple
"I princess. No cows." = I'm a princess and because of that, I request all cows be banished. I am very scared of cows.
"Boo, Daddy"

Well, he isn't talking obviously except for insane amounts of happy babbling and laughter.  This kid is an angel baby.

And, just for the record, we are now very used to (and happy with) having three kids. There is never a dull (or quiet) moment around here.