Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kisses and Hugs

I just can't express, even to myself sometimes, how much joy I get out of the smallest moments with my son these days. I know I'm his mother and I'm insanely biased, but the kid is one of the most genuinely happy and loving people I have ever known. And truly, I think that says a lot for a one year old. He is always smiling. At me, at his father, at the dog, at his monkey, at my pager on my belt, at the sun in the morning through the window, and himself when he gets to run around his room naked rubbing on his belly. And he actually misses us. When he gets up in the morning, he wants both Stephen and I to be with him. On mornings when Stephen had to go in to school before Jack got up, he would spend a few minutes searching the bedroom and then just sit and pout. Same goes for when I'm on call. But boy, when we're both here and sitting on the floor with him, he just appears to be in toddler heaven.I was on call last night so I went almost 36 hours without seeing him. Tonight, when I finally got to see him, he just lit up. He crawled up on my lap and sat there for no less than 20 straight minutes, looking up at me and kissing my face while he giggled. We ate dinner and had a great bath and played on the floor for a blissful amount of time before he let me read him a few books and then sit him in his crib. I said, "Nite nite, Jack. I love you. Can I have a good nite kiss?" He sat up, looked up, opened his big toothy mouth, planted one squarely on my mouth, giggled, and flopped back down in his crib.

This is what people mean when they say money can't buy happiness. Nothing in this world makes my heart swell more than that little guys love and affection. I know too soon he'll be a grumpy terrible two or a reserved pimply defiant teenager or a college grad living on his own, but right now he is my 100% here gorgeous little angel and I'm trying with all my might to hold onto these moments forever.

With my favorite holiday just around the corner, I sure am going to have a lot of love to celebrate this year...

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The Schueler Family said...

beautifully written...I know exactly how you feel.
we all need to meet up one of these days so our boys can play.