Monday, February 22, 2010

Little Stinker

A big big Jackson-sized hug goes out to our wonderful Auntie Heather for her birthday gift of three Little Books - the story of Little Oink, Little Hoot and Little Pea. This hilarious (to parents) collection is quite an addition to our rapidly growing collection of 4-inch books made of cardboard and limited to 10 pages.

Little Oink is about the struggles of a poor little pig that just wants to keep his room clean. Imagine that. Even after his pig-parents' exhortations to dig holes, get dirty, scatter countless toys about the house and wear dirty clothes, this little piggy just can't wait for the chance to finally play the game he loves: "house." He sweeps and cleans and stacks his things. Pity those poor little other piggys whose parents require them to always make a mess, and never let them discover the pure and simple joy of cleaning.

Would it surprise you to hear the saga of Little Hoot, the young owl that, in order to be old and wise, must master the dreaded skill of staying up late? All he wants to do is go to bed early, but instead he must stay up playing, jumping on his bed and make a ruckus. If only he was lucky enough to be tucked into bed early, like all of his non-Strigidae friends. Alas, no.

To be honest, the only story that really scares me is Little Pea. This subversive tale of an adorable little vegetable is a thinly veiled attempt to trick young innocents into eating things that are green and better left in the woods. Imagine the agony as Little Pea is forced to eat ALL of his candy, all the while yearning for the heaping piles of spinach that await him for dessert. What a bunch of horsehockey.

Now if only we could find the book that tells the story of the cute little boy that never ever wants to terrorize his parents with another diaper worthy of a CBIRF intervention.. I guess we'll just have to make these book reviews a regular thing. Thanks Heather!


The Schueler Family said...

We love these series~ Hope Jackson loves them as much as Isaac does.

Heather said...

oh my goodness! you are welcome! I am so totally honored to get a shout out (including pictures) on the blog. I think all children's entertainment should at least be mildly interesting to the parents (since they have to read/listen/watch them all so many, many times). Just say no to Barney.

Love you guys.