Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All Songs Considered: NPR's Best Songs of 2009

I love NPR. Everytime I get so tired of the s-o-s that is on conventional radio (read: ClearChannel Comm.) and the same top 40 country and pop and rock and whatnot, I suddenly realize that I should be listening to NPR and WUNC (also, WNCW!) That lasts for a week or so until I'm stuck in traffic and want to hear why and I switch back to something else.

One of the great features of NPR is the website, where they archive previous features so you can go back and listen to that really neat Story or All Things Considered you heard while driving but couldn't write down. Or even, the new song you heard and you have no idea how to find it again. Imagine my glee when a good friend pointed me to this: NPR Listener's Best Songs of 2009.

Really, this is a good list - The Avett Bros., Neko Case, The Decemberists, Wilco, Regina Spektor - plus a bunch of others. This will be on my playlist for some time.

Reader Challenge: Post to comments with your favorite song / album of 2009, or alternatively the CD (mild laughter) that you want most for Xmas.


anna said...

Head full of doubt.

Heather said...

down loaded and loved. many thanks!