Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lego Time

Do you realize how fun it is to play with Legos? Why did I ever grow up and go to law school, when I could have been staying home playing with these multi-colored snap-together wonders of modern engineering?

Look what I built last night:

Jack helped me take it apart later - it turns out that is his specialty. It's funny, he seems to have a peculiar disposition that requires things to not stay connected, stored, boxed or in place. From the very minute we got him some toy blocks, he was just totally dissatisfied when the blocks were in their container and he had to take them out. Same deal with the Legos - it his absolute mission to disconnect each and every one from the other. We though it was a great idea to get these neat storage baskets that fit right under the changing table, so we could store extra diapers and wipes and stuff. Apparently, the only thing that is an even better idea is whatever gets in Jack's head when we put him on the floor - he heads right for them with his gimp-legged little gangster lean and triumphantly pulls out the baskets, emptying their contents all over the floor.

Between that and Legos, I hope he finds his calling. I'm thinking demolition.

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