Friday, December 4, 2009

My Baby's a Winner

So its a boys weekend in the Matilda household - just me, Jack and Dean-o. I think we'll survive, but we sure do miss our girl. Guess we'll just have to watch a lot of basketball on TV.

Doc took off to Asheville NC for the NC Academy of Family Physicians Winter Conference. Besides getting to spend this weekend at the Grove Park Inn drooling over all of the yummy gingerbread houses, she's fixin' to get honorificated for all of her good works. That's right, loyal readers - Doc has been awarded the Most Outstanding Resident of the Year by the NCAFP for Moses Cone. That's pretty sweet, and definitely an honor she deserves.

Doc, first day on the job in July 2007. She was
the Most Outstanding from the very beginning.


Rachel_Garrison said...

Doc! I am so mad at you! You let me spend the whole day with you yesterday and never told me about your award?!?that is Argh. So proud of you--always love when the rest of the world sees what is so obvious to those of us who know you.
Stephen, fabulous photos these last two posts. :)

Heather said...

Eek! yeah! recognition doesn't come by nearly enough for you my dear friend. Congratulations to the other MD in the crowd. Of course you are the resident of the year, but more importantly I bet your patients thank their lucky stars for every confident, loving, incredible word of healing advice. You my dear, make quite a difference. Love you friend!
ps. I will be obviously telling my dad - glad he pointed you in the right direction just a few years ago now.....

Stephanie said...

Seriously, we are all too bashful about our awards and good stuff. I know I am to blame too. You are amazing, dear friend. Congratulations and here's to many more years of kicking some ass.