Monday, August 31, 2009

The Originals

Stephen's family likes to take photos. It's a given at every family event that there will be a session of sitting in various combinations and cheesing for multiple cameras. It is something I have come to expect and even enjoy, which is surprising given my lineage in an extremely photo-phobic family.

One photo that is always taken is "the originals."
This is the original Weir seven. Mimi and Poppi, David, Paul, Janet, Sandra, and Richard.

This weekend, we were lucky enough to have the entire Shaw family visiting from their far away locations and took the obligatory Original Five picture, both formal and....

....not so formal.

What amazes me when looking at these pictures is that one day, Stephen and I will be taking a picture of our own original nuclear family, all grown up. How many will there be? What type of men and women will they become? Will Stephen be able to make the same great pirate face as his father does?

For now, here's our start. Introducing, The Little Shaw Original Three:


asha230 said...

Yay! I'm glad the original 5 pic didnt hurt your feelings. I love imagining your original (x) and thinking what they will be like!! Its amazing.

Heather said...

love it, dear friend. I can only imagine what beautiful people your little ones will be.
by the way, can't wait to see previously little Jackson before he gets any bigger :)
love you guys.

Stephanie said...

beautiful people. Can I claim them as my extended family too? Awesome pic of you, Stephen and Jack. Uterus twitch.