Monday, August 10, 2009

Make Peace or Die, redux

LtCol McCollough, CO of 1/5, and some talking points:

And much like Paul Harvey, Capt. Brian Huysman gives you "the rest of the story:"

"For now, the Marines are concentrating their efforts on helping the newly appointed district governor get to work and encouraging police chief Nafaz Khan to deploy his men, who typically loiter at the station, on key roads leading into town. The chief grudgingly agreed, but not before hectoring one of McCollough's officers for more uniforms and guns.

"I'm in the same clothes I've been wearing for the last 15 days," Capt. Brian Huysman replied.

"Shall we kill the Taliban with our arms?" Khan retorted.

"We'll take weapons from the Taliban and give them to you," Huysman said.

"You've only given us one gun," Khan said.

"We have to kill more Taliban," Huysman said.

Thirty minutes later, a loud boom almost knocked Huysman off his feet. When he went outside to investigate, he saw Khan's men lowering a Soviet-era antiaircraft gun from the roof of the schoolhouse, where they had been living. The chief ordered that the massive gun, which spits out bullets the size of Magic Markers, be taken to one of the checkpoints.
"This is crazy, but what can we do?" Huysman said. "He's the chief."

Fire it up, Meat. The complete story is here.

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