Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bottoms Up!

My unemployed uber-triathlete college roomie friend sends this bit along. Not only does drinking beer promote a strong heart and stave off Alzheimer's, but now it looks like a good way to prevent osteoporosis:

It is thought that the high level of silicon in beer slows down the thinning that leads to fractures and boosts the formation of new bone, the journal Nutrition reports.

Beer is also rich in phytoestrogens, plant versions of oestrogen, which keep bones healthy. Bones are made up of a mesh of fibres, minerals, blood vessels and marrow, and healthy ones are denser with smaller spaces between the different parts.

The researchers asked almost 1,700 healthy women with an average age of 48 about their drinking habits. They then underwent ultrasound scans of their hands, which showed the bones belonging to beer drinkers to be denser


h/t Adam (p.s. if anyone knows of job openings in Charleston for an accomplished MBA grad, let me know.)

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