Saturday, May 31, 2014

Taking Off

We are airbone.

Packed the car, locked the house, drove to Sparty, ate BBQ, kissed the kids...

Waited at the airport for hours.... Apparently you are not allowed to fuel a flight if there is lightning within 5 miles. Which there was from 4pm to about 6:30pm, and our flight was scheduled at 5:40. We finally pushed back at 7:15pm.

Finally in the air on the way to Philly. Once we land, we've got 7.3 minutes to go from Terminal F to Terminal A (yes, the farthest possible distance) in order to catch our flight to Edinburgh. And that's assuming of course that we "make up some time in the air.." as they always say.

And despite the stress and crazily inept airport people and the possible delay, we are together and we are having fun.

Seriously. Fun.

I think the last time Doc and I were on a flight together was Costa Rica 2008. Now THAT was a trip. Hopefully Scotland 2014 will live up to the hype. Come to think of it, CR 2008 pre-dates the Waltzing Matilda Blog.

For now at least, this vacation holds all the hope and promise of a new morning, with none of the reality that accompanies the daily grind. We get to be together, all three kids entrusted to the loving and experienced arms of Bud & Nana, and we get to take some time off.

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