Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Day in the Higlhands

Well we have chosen a most delightful town as a home base for the first part of our trip. Pitlochry is nestled along the River Tummell as sort of a "gateway to the highlands," and appears to be a very popular tourist village among folks other than Americans. We've been fortunate to not be inundated with coaches full of guided tourists from the States and elsewhere. Pitlochry really reminds me of a Highlands NC or similar town, very walking frinedly and plenty of shops, pubs, B&Bs, etc. Our B&B in particular - Pauline Duncan of Northlands B&B  - has been delightful, with great accommodations, a fantastic location, and top shelf breakfast stuffs.

WE started out the day at the Highland Folk Museum, a living history site near Kingussie dedicated to teh old highland ways of life. This was a very interesting stop and had quite a bit to see as well as some terrific scenery. 

A bit further down the road we walked down to the River Spey to see some horses, and then happened across the Ruthven Barracks, an old military ruin dating back to the mid 1700s and the english attempts to pacify the highlands following the Jacobite rebellions. 

A bit furhther up the A9 at Kincross was a local shepherd that also trains sheepdogs - every day at 4pm he puts on a demonstration for anyone that wants to come by. What a neat thing to see, a dozen dogs or so corralling several uhundred sheep across verdant green pastures, turning and running at each command of the shepherd's voice. Definitely something you would not see anywhere else.

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