Thursday, May 29, 2014

Preflight checklist

1) Pack clothes, shoes, PJs, diapers, wipes, medications, hairbows, undies, toothbrushes, books, lovies, blankets, and toys after only 14 separate negotiations on who got to wear what to which place on which day with which coordinating thing.  The entire semester of inorganic chemistry was easier than that task. Still, CHECK!

2) Clean out the fridge tossing the perishables and emptying all the trash cans while trying to keep Tank from stealing the 6m old green lasanga and running around the house trying to open the container for "JUST ONE BITE, MOMMY!"...CHECK!

3) Packing myself into two carryon bags that couldn't hold the entirity of my behind itself much less 8 days worth of travel needs.  Booya CHECK!

4) Preparing the house for our abscence with blind closures, checking all door and window locks and that the alarm is on.  Arguing over which lights make it look like we're more home.  Clearly two upper story lights are more suggestive that someone is home at 3am when typically all the lights are off when we actually are at that hour. We pray for dumb burglers.  CHECK!

5) Getting Dean Dog to appropriate daycare for the week (at least there is one family member that just does what we ask him too...unless that involves not rolling in poop in order to transfer it onto my very nice carput or leg). CHECK

6) Travel 3 hours to Sparkleton for Nana and Bud to be our saving grace while we jaunt off to catch our 5 o'clock (albeit tremendously delayed) plane to Edinburgh. Thank you thank you thank you CHECK!

7)Leaving these sweet children for the week, though it must be done, has been intensely difficult for me. But when everyone is happily enamored with Nana's treats and play schedule so much that they narely bat an eye when it is time for us to leave, then I know they are in the right place while we are gone. CHECK!

Ohm and 8) Awesome family picture .. .  CHECK!

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