Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor of Love

It's official. The Pokeberry and Milkweed National Forest is gone. We destroyed it in a matter of a few hours. See, for my mothers birthday, I figured what better gift than a few hours of our time to help her with various odds and ends around the house. This was a terrible miscalculation on my part.

We showed up Saturday morning to find her with a two-page list in hand. It read something like this.

1) Wash conversion van inside and out. The pinestraw is making it hard to drive.
2) Weed the yard. All of it.
3) Hang all three 100+ pound mirrors to an approximate height of 10 feet.
4) Carry the remnants of a giant armoire to the street for pick up.
5) Solve world hunger.
6) Fix health care.

Five and six were a cinch in comparison.

I wish we took before and after pictures, but probably couldn't see the forest for the trees. Pokeberries, that is.

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