Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Boys of Company C

The 6th of September marked the 100th day of battlespace control of Hemland Valley by MEB-Afghanistan. Larry Nicholls' boys are firing it up, but I imagine that despite the change in urban density from Iraq, the population will be more of a challenge despite the increased free-fire areas.

Hunting Taliban in Unexpected Ways
September 03, 2009
Marine Corps News|

For the Marines of Company C, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, hunting the Taliban takes patience and flexibility. Even on days when they don’t get what they expect, being seen and speaking with the locals is a small victory.

On Aug. 25, 2009, the Marines from 1st Platoon began their day with the intent of looking for a fight. A patrol, like any of the countless ones they’ve undertaken since their arrival here, but based on a guess that insurgents might try to ambush them. With that knowledge, the Marines prepared themselves to hit back.

A few days earlier, the Taliban had critically injured a child while trying to emplace a hasty IED for them during a similar morning patrol. This day, despite their expectations, the Taliban didn’t show themselves where the Marines expected them, and probably for a good reason.

“They shot themselves in the foot in that village,” said 1st Platoon commander 1st Lt. Patrick O’Shea. “I think if they were to show up there, the villagers would kill them.”

In this war, where the main focus is the wellbeing of the local people, these young men, whose average age is 23, have a difficult job that is not usually associated with the hard-hitting Corps. Tactical restraint is the name of the game.

Complete article here. Fire it up, Marines.

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