Sunday, June 14, 2009

New life

What a full 48 hours I've had.

I got a call from the Women's Hospital right as I was walking off a 24 hour shift that my patient was in labor. I was deflated. All I wanted was to get home to my little one and my beautiful husband and my wonderful in-laws who were visiting and have a full big jazz breakfast. But, grumpily, off I went to see her. As soon as I walked into her birthing room, she lit up and clamored up despite her numb lower body to hug me and thank me for being there. All the fatigue and annoyance instantly melted away and she went on to push out a beautiful little girl, my first delivery since my son was born. I was flooded with all the emotions of motherhood all over again as I watched her snuggle her daughter. As I finished up the paperwork and listened to the new little family get to know each other, I was yet again struck by the miracle of how we bring others into this world.

I was still able to spend a large part of my day with my family including Jackson's first real pool trip.

What a blessed life I live.

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