Monday, June 1, 2009

Front Towards Enemy

Some days - especially this summer when I've been wearing a suit every day - Jackson reminds me of every one's favorite anti-personnel mine, the M18A1 "Claymore."

It is not enough to just have a devastating weapon that will wipe out anything you aim at. The US military goes so far as to instruct young warriors to point the "Front Towards Enemy" by printing those words on the front of the mine. Actually, I found the raised letters to be *quite* helpful during night-time emplacements when you can only 'see' with your fingertips. Don't want that thing going off back towards your foxhole when you hit the clacker.

I got nailed with projectile vomit today, courtesy of my four month old. I should have known better. Do you think anyone sells Claymore Logo t-shirts that come in baby sizes?

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Doc said...

Ha ha ha. Now that is funny.