Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fool's Day

Jack piled out of bed at 6:25 this morning and came right into our room. That in itself is odd.

I cracked my eyes and deadpanned: "Good morning! Let's go downstairs and watch TV and eat chocolate on the couch! It's a holiday."

He scrunched his eyes up tight and tried to hide the sparkle of hope and cover up a smile. "You're just tricking me," he said, and went back to his room.

A minute later, I heard a scream and Jack cried out "Daddy, Sam threw up behind the chair!!"

I playfully rushed into his room, to find Sam jumping out from behind the chair shouting "Surprise" as Jack stood coyly, hands on his hips, and said "April Fools Day!"

I think this boy gets it.

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