Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sam Shaw Turns Three

I got my last hug from a 2 year old last night. Sigh. When Sam woke up this morning, he was at least a foot taller and bullet proof.

Our baby Sam turned Three today. Hard to believe he started out on March 28, 2012 as just this little guy:

Sam has the heart of a warrior, a lion - generous, fearless, and gallant. He is quick to stand and fight but just as quick to stop and care when someone gets hurt. His favorite game du jour is to try to "knock you over," wherein I am to sit patiently on the floor while he backs up 3-4 yards, gets a good running start, and works on his tackling drills. He does this for about 45 minutes before moving on to some other game, and sometimes he yells, sometimes he just grunts, and about 2 out of 3 tries I go tumbling to the carpet. He is a tough little bugger and he really can lay the shoulder in when he wants to. I guess three years of wrestling with siblings twice his size will toughen a guy up.

We've been reading the Narnia books, and finally broke down and watched the first movie last night (we're on the third book). I was a little concerned that it would be too violent or scary for these kids - they are pretty young. But they were totally into it. At at one point during the climactic final battle scene, Sam stood up, punched his fist into the sky and shouted "The Lion DEFEAT the Witch!" Right on, kid.

About 3 months ago, Sam figured out what Super Heroes are. Since then, it has been Batman this and Spiderman that, and "Daddy I want the Super Heroes Cup!!!" at every meal (we only have two). And so it came to pass that this birthday party would be a Super Hero Birthday Party. It helps that we are also in the late stages of mostly successful potty training, and so every day is filled with several small victories, increasingly certain conquests of the porcelain arena.

Sam Shaw, like each of the celebrated Shaw men that have come before him, also selected Yellow Cake With Chocolate Icing as his birthday treat of choice. Despite being baked by Matilda himself, it turned out quite yummy. Somewhat at the gentle urging of Doc, the kids have taken to calling this particular confection "Man Cake." Fitting, I think.

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