Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seven hundred and thirty

At some point a few minutes past 8 o'clock Friday morning, our little Jack entered his third year of life on earth, now officially a Two Year Old. It is amazing to think that in the interim between today and January 28th 2009 we have seen 730 sunrises and 730 sunsets, each circumscribing days which have left an epic and indelible mark on our lives. (If we were counting the number of "no it's not morning yet conversations" that marked so many of those mornings, the number would be much higher).

And with so many diurnal iterations under his little belt, Jack really seems to have come into his own - walking, talking, thinking, learning, laughing and making jokes. He knows his grandparents, loves his "Sissy", plays with his cousins, and is generally a ham to whomever he thinks he can conquer with a simple smile - the rest of us, he just persuades with a small petulant fit. "Outside", "Orange", "Choo-choo", "Bulldozer" and "Eee-oh-eee-oh" (you know, the sound that fire engines make) are his current top five faves. And in addition to the words, and colors, and numbers, and books and laughter, what I just can't get over are his myriad expressions, looks that once in a while so clearly communicate ideas that I know he won't be able to articulate for years yet, but that somehow as a walking, talking member of our race, he just knows. Competition, joy, one-up-manship, wonder, sweet hugs for mom and dad and Caroline - he gets all these things so obviously that it is just thrilling to watch.

This morning, I told him of course that he couldn't have peppermints for breakfast (typically Cheerios and fruit at half past 6), but that maybe he could have one after lunch if he was good. Well, somehow around 8:30 he managed to cajole a small piece of peppermint while under the watchtful (but relenting) eye of G.G., and quietly walked up to me in the den and just looked up at me while I was writing this. A little devious twinkle glimmered in his eyes, as if to say "I told you so.." as he opened his mouth and displayed the red and white sugary contents. He snapped his jaws shut, grinned like fiend and ran off to GG without another word to me, to dole out his hugs in exchange for more sweets.

It just doesn't get any sweeter than that. Happy Birthday, Son.

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