Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Bride of "Ram-Man"

If you are anything like me, you look fondly back on your childhood days when the battle between Good and Evil was as simple as GI Joe vs. Cobra Commander, or He-Man vs. Skeletor. In fact, one of the toys I remember vividly was this one He-Man action figure, Ram-Man. Ram-Man was this sidekick of He-Man, a sturdy warrior of poor verbal skills that ran down most of his enemies with a battering-ram like head. I had one of these, and he had spring-powered legs that, when compressed, would knock his head into whatever you pointed it at.

We've been worried since Caroline has taken to hanging out in the Jumperoo, which we hang in the kitchen doorway, that her vigorous hopping and bouncing and swaying is going to lead to a head injury before long. It really wouldn't be that hard to bang into the door jamb. And that would be the end of the Jumperoo.

Fortunately, our fears have been recently assuaged by her increasingly prominent plagiocephaly, which today resulted in her getting fitted for a cranial molding helmet:


At least they come in pink. 

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