Monday, August 23, 2010

Matilda's New Clothes

Faithful readers:

You will notice as you read this post that Waltzing Matilda has gone through a recent redesign. I have been trying out some of Blogger's new design templates, primarily to increase the width of the post column to support the 16:9 YouTube format. I know you will miss the custom photo header of the old design, but rest assured that the photo backdrop you see is just another in the series of pictures I took along the Black Mountain Crest Trail, looking West over the Cane River valley, just north of Mount Mitchell.

I am interested to get your feedback about the new formatting, the readability and how the blog displays in your browser. We're happy to receive your remarks in the Comments section, and if there is something that looks effed up on your screen, please let me know what browser/resolution/etc you are using.

The Management


The Williams Family said...

Looks great to me! Which template is this? I like that the post is wider than what most of the templates I looked at allow. Hope all is well!

Meredith said...

Love the new look and all of the recent baby posts and updates!