Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I love that movie, but law school was continually marred by professor's use of My Cousin Vinnie as a substantive reference of how to be a lawyer. C'mon, Profs. It's a movie. We are paying you money to show us how to do it for real. Come up with some new examples, for chrissake!

Now on to business: Doc and I have been repeatedly struck over the last few days by the striking (well, duh) similarity between our two kids, particularly at the coupla-weeks-old newborn stage. If I had to pick who Caroline resembles of the two of us, I'd say "neither" - but she is a spitting image of young Jack. Q.E.D.:

Can you see the resemblance? It is really uncanny. I need to try to take some similar pictures for comparison, before she gets too chubby. Speaking of which, little Caroline gained over a pound in her first five days since she left the hospital, and I wouldn't be surprised if she breaks 9# when she goes in for her checkup after Labor Day. She is eating like a champ. Next goal: sleeping!

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Stephanie said...

I knew it as soon as I saw her picture. "hmmmm...where have I seen her before..." So fun!

I feel you on the sleeping thing. Although Anya is an expert sleeper now, she was not in her first weeks. Hang in there.