Friday, July 23, 2010

Just the twelve - er... thirteen of us

You might be surprised to hear it, but there are actually twelve thirteen people in this picture. We had the pleasure of hanging out at the beach with several of our closest friends, knowing that Kim, Rae and Casey were fairly far along on the path to motherhood. Rae recently delivered a gorgeous little Callie, Casey's boy is due any day, and our Dash-2 is finally correctly oriented and on her final approach. Little did we know, Jessie was headed that way too!

From left to right: Adam, Jessie, GPII*, Stephen, Kim, Baby Girl Shaw, Jack, Casey, Baby Boy Middle-Quillen (or maybe Quillendorf, that sounds like a house that Harry Potter might have lived in...), Kris, Rachel, Callie!, and Matt. Quite a crew. I think that is thirteen, but you might want to check my math.

Not to mention, the Williams, the Pointers, the Shumakers are all cooking a little one right now. Man, is it baby-making time or what? I think we've got a whole rifle squad, almost. Or a peloton, if you are a Pomerantz. C'mon, Sara, it's time to get started on your Part Deux.

*GPII is the affectionately named soon-to-be-sibling of George, the Pomerantz's cat. No specific sex is implied by this name.

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The Williams Family said...

A shout out-- we're famous! Your next post makes my tummy rumble... mmmm, Bullhawgs!