Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fabulous Fourth

Are you ready for some Bar-B-Que?

Yes, I am!

I know this post is a bit dilatory, but I just haven't had time while immersed in Bar Review to catch up on many posts from earlier in the summer. One in particular I've been meaning to address is the fabulous weekend we had in Spartanburg over the Fourth of July. We both had Friday and Monday off, and despite the normal travel stress (jack), the long weekend was good for our souls (and our tummies - I always come back from Mom's house a couple pounds fuller than normal).

Mmmmm... Bullhawgs!
Although the entirety of this weekend's feasting was as wonderful as always, two occasions in particular stand out. On Saturday we had a great dinner at the Tea House on Lake Lanier in Tryon NC, to celebrate Doc's graduation from residency. While the food and the view is always fantastic, we got to cap it off with dessert and a local fireworks display right out over the lake. If you've never been to the Tea House for dinner on a late summer evening, I highly recommend you try it.

Little table for the little ones
And of course, this Fourth of July's keystone meal was extravagant, with a big spread of genuine Bullhawgs BBQ ribs and pulled pork laid out before us, fresh corn and baked beans and plenty of coldbeer. We all ate out on the patio, with the Beans and the Palmers - all the little kids even got their own table, and Jack was quite at home I believe. It was fun to have some many kids running around, and later in the night you could hear neighboorhood fireworks going off all around (thank you, SC).

Even Dean got into the spirit of the holiday.

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