Friday, January 22, 2010

Last First Day of School

I got started off this morning with an introduction to the Law of Remedies, or more precisely The means by which a legal right is enforced, or the manner by which a violation of a legal right is prevented, redressed, vindicated or compensated.” Fun stuff.

As I sat there, it occurred to me (mainly by noticing everyone else's Facebook and Twitter posts) that this is my last First Day of School. Kind of a milestone, and while no one knows what fate and happenstance may bring, I expect I will not find myself sitting in a classroom again as a student for quite some time. I have to say, both the intellectual pursuits and the pace of life these last three years have been a treat and I have tried hard to enjoy this phase of my life.

Bar prep starts Tuesday and late July will begin looming over the horizon. But for now -particularly after a wonderfully tasty gyro at Jack's Corner Grille with Doc - this has been a pretty good day.

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