Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yum yum, eat 'em up

Thanksgiving 2009 has been a fabulous holiday. Not only were we able to see both of our families and have some wonderful quality time with the grandparents, but we've all eaten like kings. My brother roasted the juiciest most delicious turkey I think I've ever tasted and Jackson devoured it like his father's true son.

I think the thing I'm most thankful for this year (and every day) is my family. I simply could not be more blessed. My mother is such a peaceful, patient, creative, and open woman. She has a unique way of making playtime both entertaining and educational. I thought learning the state capitals growing up was what all kids did for fun. She routinely turned our power off to the house so we could cook s'mores over candles and play Yahtzee as a family by lantern light. She never missed a volleyball game or a school play or even a poster presentation and she would always sit patiently with a book whenever I was running late without so much as a cross word. She is The Most Positive Person I have ever known and is always happy to see me. And never have I been more impressed and proud and happy to have her in my life than when I watch her with my son.

She makes his eyes light up with all the adventures she is promising him.

I love her.

No one ever gets so blessed twice. But somehow, I slipped by fate and pulled out the golden ticket because my parents-in-law are just as amazing and adorable. My mother-in-law, aka Nana, is the one person in the world I would want in a crisis. She makes an octopus look handicapped with how easily she can multi-task. She is so kind and considerate and thoughtful. She is the epitome of generosity. I'll never forget watching her speak at her father's funeral when no one else could keep it together. She was poised, graceful, and full of peace. She has the strongest faith of anyone I've ever known. She has so much to offer my children.

I love her.

And then there's my father-in-law, aka Grandpa Bud. You have never heard a laugh so real and joyous and infectious until you have heard Bud guffaw. He thoroughly enjoys himself at all times and has shown me the importance of using the good china every day. Live life to the fullest is his motto. He is genuine and thoughtful and warm and a trueblooded Tarheel. He loves an adventure but is so pleasantly practical that he is easy to be around. Jackson has a special look for Bud that I have yet to figure out fully but most definitely has a mischievous gleam to it.

I love him, too.

And then there's my lovely husband...

Well, that's a blog entry for another time.

I am thankful for my family and my friends. My son and my husband. My health and my talents. My past and my future. Those still here with me and those that have already gone topside. And I'm hoping you have just as many blessings in your life this Thanksgiving as I.

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anna said...

you are so sweet
i want to talk to you sometime about gratitude. :-)