Sunday, November 22, 2009

Into the mouths of babes

Jackson loves our dog, Dean. In fact, we're 75% sure Jackson's first word is Dean Dog, well more like "Dee Da." He is always looking for him, particularly at meal times.
And Dean reciprocates the affection by licking him at every single chance he can get.

He likes him so much that I think he is starting to imitate him. I know I know, this is the oral fixation age. But still, the kid constantly has something in his mouth and it's not just for the enjoyment of chewing. He chomps down on things and carries them around the house that way.
I have stopped putting socks on him before we actually arrive at daycare because his left one always ends up in his mouth by the time we get there.

His absolute favorite thing to carry around in his mouth, though, is his lavender screeching monkey. We have tried to get it away from him long enough to wash it, but we're both scared that washing it will take away the stench that Jackson loves so much.
Thing is, Monkey has been discontinued so we have to wash him one of these days before we're arrested for child endangerment...

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Stephanie said...

FYI...child toy stench never goes away...even after washing. Trust me.