Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cycle of Three

I am living in 3 day increments and I don't think I like it. I had Lexington bbq this weekend. It was great. My son subsequently ate Lexington bbq approx 8 hours later. It was not so great. The Texas Pete tsunami that tore through his gut almost peeled the roof off of our home. It lasted 3 days.

Prior to that, he was sleeping a good 5 hour chunk at night and we thought "Ahhh...he's finally getting the hang of it." That ended after three days. There was a time when he didn't mind going down for a nap. Yep...that lasted three days too. Then there was the chocolate days, the sleeping days, the pooping out curdled French's mustard days, the laughing in his sleep days, the various positions that would get him to stop crying days. I think he's got a slot somewhere like those old Atari boxes that God keeps clicking in a new game, only he gets bored after 3 days and changes it. At least this last game was one I don't mind to put back in the case and give to goodwill.