Sunday, February 22, 2009

Okay okay, fine. I'm putting it down...

I've never been a chocolate freak. In fact, I've been rather pleased with my ability to pass on Death by Chocolate and Molten Lava Chocogoodness and Godiva into a Million Calories and Two Extra Dress Sizes desserts - that is, until the second trimester of my Jackson Adventure. I started out with ice cream with chocolate bits after dinner. That turned into full-bodied chocolate ice cream snacks and then Heath bars in the Target checkout line and then a constantly stocked Godiva bin in the kitchen for drive by coco-fixes. But, thanks to Darwinian genetics, my son shares my pre-preggo apathy towards the cocoa bean. Scratch that, he abhors the stuff. It apparently breaks down into a flatulence-inducing metabolic that seeps into my breast milk causing his colon to rumba in a way that makes him speak in tongues (see below). So, in honor of lent and for the sanity of all those living in the Shaw household, I'm putting it away...along with citrus and broccoli and any cooking spice known to man. Someone really should make The Manual for New Moms and put this kind of crap in the chapter "Ok, but you really should know this before you stop the birth control..."

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