Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jackson roll-up

Every stage of baby-dom has its perks to make up for the sleepless nights and constantly vomit-covered clothes. One of the perks of the stage we're in now is his limited mobility. We're supposed to be able to put him down anywhere and trust he will still be there when we finish blinking. This is supposed to last another 2 months, at least. Well, no one sent Jackson the memo and the kid decided to start rolling over today in honor of his one month birthday. From belly to back, he can turn like a hotdog down hill. He also pushed up on his hands and did a nose dive forward, which inched him about 5 centimeters up and qualified as motion from the original spot. My mother swears that I was walking by 7 months, which I previously thought was a memory malfunction but now I'm starting to think maybe she isn't having conjoined senior moments...

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