Sunday, December 20, 2015

Star of Wonder, Star of of Night

Sometimes it seems that we truly live in the land of three wee kings.

Take for instance this exchange that passed for routine conversation amongst two of our children as we drove through the annual Sunset Hills Lighted Balls Christmas Light Display:

Doc: "Oh look at that one. It's a star." 
Jack: "That's not a star. It's a small baby blob in that awkward phase where it is shooting off bursts of fire and gas.\ 
Doc: "......" 
Jack: "You know, that's how stars form." 
Doc: "Well since it's on their porch, I sure do hope it keeps most of it's flaming gas bursts to itself." 
Sam: "I have gas. But mine's not on fire." 
Jack: "Sam, you don't have gas. You are not a baby starting to form. You are a human. But you ARE in that awkward phase." 
Sam: "MOMMY!! Jackson called me awk...ak...ahk....Jackson called me a name!"
Indeed, there is wisdom from the mouths of babes.

Also, here is some cool drone footage of this years' "Running of the Balls":

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