Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

Well, we survived another Halloween on the war-torn streets of Old Starmount Forest. We were lucky this year to be protected by the powers of Captain America, overseen by a Very Pretty Witch, and had Fireman Sam on standby in case the backyard firepit were to get out of control.

One way to judge the success of Halloween - at least in my mind - is based on the net candy intake. With GG limiting the passers-by to just one small handful apiece (and only after they voluntarily said "Trick or Treat", no just sticking out your bucket expectantly at our house), and three full-fledged bucket carriers roaming the streets, I think we ended the night with more candy than we started. Jack and Caroline both ran out of room in their respective buckets, and Sam stopped off to empty his out because it was "too heavy."

We made out like bandits.



Sam sure was tuckered out after a hard evening of tricking, treating, and candy-eating. Too tired, in fact, to pick up his pile of trash which he cleverly left in the corner of the downstairs hall. But not so tired that he felt like he needed to let go of his glow stick - no, indeed, he fell asleep grasping it in his little sticky fingers. ;-). "Good night, sweet prince!"


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