Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Big Boy

Six years ago this morning, Jack entered our world, screaming and waving his hands like a crazy little preacher.

Tonight, he streaked across the moonlit yard with a red light-up bow and arrow, screaming and waving his hands like a crazy little indian brave.

Jack has just been tripping through the wickets lately, starting school, writing, nearly reading, chapter books, came home with his first toy shotgun from a weekend with Bud and Nanas. He's as good or better with the remote control than Doc, and its just flat out hard to believe how fast he is growing up.

But he still has this great and amazing sweet side to him, is so caring and quick to share, to reach out to others and open himself up. Jack's big treat for this special occasion was a family trip tot he zoo in Asheboro, something he especially requested, and a trip for which the late January weather worked out just fine. We saw the polar bear, harbor seal, elephants and giraffes.

But most importantly, we got to play on the playground. And only got separated from each other once (me and the littles took the turn towards the giraffes; Doc and J stayed at the elephants, and we were all sorts of messed up for the next hour until we finally crossed paths again).

Aside from the zoo, we didn't make a big deal about a party this year, and kind of quietly decided to just celebrate at home with family. And honestly, that seemed just perfect to him, because he got to pick out his decorations and help make (and frost!) cupcakes, and share the whole hullaballoo with the rest of his family. Which seems to be all that Jack really wants to do in the first place.

In retrospect, maybe he had gotten all the partying out of his system the weekend before down at Camp Sparty, which apparently was one long continuous spree of TV, cough drops, and shopping. Just as it should be at the grandparents house.


While I was writing this, Jack now six years and 14 hours old, wandered out of his room and into ours. "What are you doing," said Doc. No response. Then he wanders back into his room and stands in the middle of the floor. Doc follows him, asks the question again: "Its a Ninja Turtle thing, Mom," he says, before climbing back into bed.

Crazy kid.

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