Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Finally Four

My little girl is _dying_ to grow up. I have never seen someone more  excited to turn four - the anticipation for the last month has been palpable. Every day, she asks - "How many more days?" We started counting about 21 days out.

And then when the big day came, she took it all in with a heaping measure of pride, like she had accomplished something really noteworthy. She puffs up a bit, then calm explains to any newcomer (or oldtimer) that she is in fact now FOUR YEARS OLD.

Hard to believe, baby girl. Hard to believe.

We started out the big day with some new "jewelry" and a Krispy Kreme donut date with Dadddy.

Then a cupcake party at school, and then home to celebrate with family.

Doc whipped out an amazing Unicorn Cake that was the star of dinner - in fact, I am pretty sure most of the kids skipped the real meal and went straight for dessert. Everynow and then Doc and Matilda relax a little bit..

Present opening was a blast, topped off by the little princess' very first bike, in pink and purple just as we ad been directed. 

[More pics to follow]

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