Monday, October 28, 2013

Big Burger Daddy

I am what you would call a Burger Aficionado. I consider the cheeseburger to be America's finest culinary creation of all time - meat, bread, cheese, condiments, even some vegetables from time to time - all in one easy to hold, easy to eat package that when executed properly is the size of a small melon. I can recall a time in my life when I ate a cheeseburger for breakfast, lunch and dinner - all in the same day.

So I was unsurprisingly excited to hear through the grapevine that Greensboro's "Big Burger Spot" was in fact "the finest Burger in town." This was not rote advertising, but rather the considered opinion of several well-respected members of the Greensboro Burger Aficionado Underground.

Tucked away into the side of a gas station convenience store building, designated by unassuming signage and awning tastefully done up in a neon-green-and-hunter-safety-orange color scheme, this is truly an out of the way gem. The Big Burger Spot features, well, Burgers - but not just any burgers, grilled meat on bread with cheese executed to perfection. yes, you can get it medium rare (beef is never frozen); yes, you can get a bison burger (that's what I had); yes, they have a dog-friendly outside dining area that features murals of customer's favorite pooches (and some cats). The dogs with halos are off chasing the big beef bone in the sky. A mix of Michael Jackson, Waylon Jennings, Cher, and the Avett Bros. blares from the outdoor speakers, and the owner brought out  sample pouch of homemade organic dog biscuits for Dean-o. This is the essence of Am-bi-ance. The line stretches out the door from 11 in the morning to 2 in the day, and the food comes out on hammered aluminum plates - this is basically the Burger version of BBQ-heaven 12 Bones in Asheville.

This is just plain old good-eating. Doc's Pimento Cheese Burger disappeared in a flash, the kids all cleaned their tin plates, and Matilda's Classic Bison Burger had to be shared among several still-hungry mouths. The fries are good, the tea is good, the sun was shining. Life - and food - doesn't get any better than this.

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