Monday, August 6, 2012

Terrible Twos..

We all gathered in Spartanburg to celebrate my darling baby girl's Second Birthday, whereupon we were beset on all sides by pink and purple princess paraphenalia. Caroline was in top form, pursing her lips and grinning coyly, handing out hugs and kisses with cheerful abandon, and generally playing the part of royalty. Which she seemed to enjoy immensely. A crown, a pocketbook full of makeup and a cell phone, a cash register for imaginary shopping, clothes and dolls and books and cake - what else could a little girl ask for?

I keep looking at this picture of her, with her "I am Two" t-shirt and her purse, and her remarkable little smile, stealing ice out of someone's glass while I snap another photo. I really have to grin because I feel like I can start to see the young lady she is going to become. A little bit of sass with a sparkly-eyed grin, excitement bubbling over the "I've got this under control" demeanor.

I suppose it is cute right now how excited she is about becoming a big girl, but I am pretty sure I am not fully prepared for all that is to come. I know they say that two-year olds are terrible, but I right now I think that the terrified one is me..


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