Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Rameses

Last weekend, despite the rain and the risk of harm posed by obnoxious Wahoowa fans in their pinpoint oxfords and striped bowties, the Big Ram and I brave the elements to take Jack to his first Tarheel Football game. While the girls were enjoying a relaxing a recharging weekend of rest at the beach, the big boys were bach-ing it Carolina-style.

I was amazed at how well he did - with the noise and the crowds and the lights and fireworks - nothing seemed to faze young Jack. Except for a brief halftime walk around the stadium and a chance to pet Rameses XVII , Jack stayed in his seat (and my seat, and Bud's seat, and Don's seat) and the three of four stairs adjacent to the seats, for the whole four quarters. A few sips of coke, a bag of graham crackers and some nachos, along with about 7 pom-poms, and he was in heaven.

Tarheels over the 'Hoos, I think he had a great time, judging by how many times since we got home that he has asked when we are going to the football game again. Trust me, I'm looking forward to many more seasons.

Tarheels over the 'Hoos, 28-17
Bernard - 12 carries, 103 yards

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