Saturday, December 4, 2010

Will you marry me?

As you can see from The Adventures of Dean Dog, Matilda has gone hunting in South Dakota for 5 days.  Admittedly, when he first decided to go on this trip, I was none too happy with him.  A 22 month old in the throws of his No! phase, a new nursing baby girl not yet 4 months, and a brand new job with call and after hours meetings and I was not too excited to be a single parent for 120 hours.  As a peace offering, he managed to convince Nana to come stay for most of the time to help me out and what a peace-maker that has been. We've been having a wonderful time, mostly because I have now experienced what it's like to be a husband.  When I got home from work, the house was clean, my bed was made, and dinner was on the table.  She even got the kids bathed, cleaned the kitchen, and made me coffee and cake as a pre-bedtime snack.  And Jack is beside himself happy.  He even forgets and calls her Mommy periodically, which would bother me except that it means he's letting me have a moment of peace and I just can't be jealous for that. 

No wonder men resisted women's rights for so long.  Having a wife is Won. Der. Ful!!  
Will you marry me, Nana?


matilda said...

Ok, now that is a sweet post. I knew something positive would come from this trip- Dean Dog Adventures LLC is gonna have to get Nana on the books every year!

Rachel_Garrison said...

This is great! And, I love the photo of Jack and Nana. :)

Joanne Badr said...

HAHAHA! I love it!