Saturday, October 16, 2010

Easy in Hindsight

What's that noise?  Oh wait, it's silence.  As Matilda and I were working in the yard today, scratching one thing after another off our to-do list, with our littlest one strapped very comfortably to my chest, we couldn't help but comment as we would pass each other on how easy having only one child has become.  Our eldest offspring is spending the weekend at Camp Sparty and we were assured tonight by Activities Director Bud (aka Grandpa), as we finished off our steaks (eaten in peace and at a luxuriously slow pace), that he had not expressed one iota of longing for his dear old parents.  I don't think the 2 hour delay to his normal bedtime or the chocolate Cheerios for breakfast or the naps in their king-sized bed with the dog are helping to instill a healthy dose of homesickness in our boy.  And, I must admit, though I am pleased as punch that he's getting along swimmingly with his grandparents, there is part of me that is slightly disappointed that he hasn't at least poured one out for his momma.  Now, if his sister will sleep longer than 4 hours in a row tonight, I'm sure that slight disappointment will be properly alleviated by some decent and much needed R&R.

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