Thursday, October 1, 2009

Holy Ass-Bomber, Batman!

In what the security consultant firm Stratfor Global Alliance has called a 'tactical shift', an ass-bomber nearly succeeded in an attempted assassination of Saudi prince and CT czar Prince Mohammed bin Nayef last month. The would-be "ass"assin, Abdullah Hassan Taleh al-Asiri, was a known member of AQAP and gained access to the prince by repenting and recanting his allegiance to the Al-Quaeda terrorist branch. After secreting explosives in his own anal cavity for over two days, his wireless command detonation of the bomb only resulted in his own (as you could probably expect) graphic death and the incredulous surprise of the Saudi royal family security team.

The third tactical shift is perhaps the most interesting, and that is the use of an IED hidden in the anal cavity of the bomber. Suicide bombers have long been creative when it comes to hiding their devices. In addition to the above-mentioned IED in the camera gear used in the Masood assassination, female suicide bombers with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam have hidden IEDs inside brassieres, and female suicide bombers with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party have worn IEDs designed to make them look pregnant. However, this is the first instance we are aware of where a suicide bomber has hidden an IED inside a body cavity.

It is fairly common practice around the world for people to smuggle contraband such as drugs inside their body cavities. This is done not only to get items across international borders but also to get contraband into prisons. It is not unusual for people to smuggle narcotics and even cell phones into prisons inside their body cavities (the prison slang for this practice is “keistering”). It is also not at all uncommon for inmates to keister weapons such as knives or improvised stabbing devices known as “shanks.” Such keistered items can be very difficult to detect using standard search methods, especially if they do not contain much metal.

Wow. I knew LTTE sank to new lows using women and children as suicide bombers, "butt" this is pretty imaginative.

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