Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"My Vacation to the Beach" by Jackson Shaw

I went on my first vacation last week to Pawley's Island with Mommy, Daddy, Bud, Nana, and Great Granny Franny. Here is a photo account of my trip:

Daddy bought me a joggy stroller in preparation for our trip to the beach. It's way too big but I still had fun riding around in it with the straps around my ears.

In the same vein, Nana bought me a car that is also way to big for me but I did have a good time trying to stay upright in it. It has a horn that Bud mashed for me a lot and eyes for headlights.

I spent a lot of time strapped to Mommy's chest because she didn't think riding in the Too Big Joggy Stroller was "appropriate."

Speaking of Mommy's chest, I enjoyed many naps on it. It's soft.

In fact, I like most all boobies. My Aunt Anna was nice enough to let me rest on hers, too.

And Bud was nice enough to let me borrow his thumb when mine got tired.

With plenty of free time, I was able to get caught up on my magazine reading...

...and my finger sucking...

...and my dog petting...

...and my boat driving.

All in all, I had a great time at the beach and can't wait to go back.

But I need a nap first.

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Stephanie said...

So cute...much love from Aunt Stephie