Monday, May 4, 2009

Yellow Happiness

We had the distinct pleasure of being invited to a wedding this past weekend that truly was one of the best I've been to. The groom is my bestest friend's gigantic almost 7ft brother and he married a very elegant bride from the Charlotte area. Her favorite color is yellow and she didn't fail to make the entire theme buttery glowing sunshine. Oddly enough, it completely worked and the reception was simply breathtaking (hopefully pictures will be up soon at - Sam and Meredith Daniels wedding). Jackson came along for the party Friday night at Bentley's on 27th, which was a lesson for us new parents in how babies response to incredibly loud music much past their bedtime when there really isn't a discrete place to breastfeed them. But we still managed to have a wonderful time despite the fact that I realized pregnancy completely squashed any rhythm I pretended to have. My two left feet left this Waltzing Matilda doing more of a stumbling foxtrot. The perk of the weekend, despite all the amazing food and wonderful drinks and spectacular bands, had to be video-chatting at the reception with Uncle Matt Garrison currently stationed in Afghanistan. His super hairy face was a site for sore eyes, for sure! Many thanks to the Garrisons and the Daniels for letting us be a part of such a wonderful event. Congratulations Sam and Meredith!!

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